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Common shares for the management of emergency situations in case of hydro-meteorological events and accidental pollution of water ( JAMES ) Romania -Bulgaria Cross- Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013


The project is funded by the European Regional Development Cross Border Cooperation Programme Romania - Bulgaria 2007-2013

Priority 2 : Environment - Sustainable exploitation and protection of natural resources and the environment and promoting an efficient risk management in the border area

Key area of ​​intervention 2.2: Development of infrastructure and c​ommon services for the prevention of natural and technological crises , including the development of emergency response through joint risk prevention , early warning and emergency response .

Project implementation period : 28.07.2011 - 27.07.2013

Lead Partner : Council of Giurgiu County , Romania

Partner 2: Fire and Civil Protection ​Directorate General , Russe , Bulgaria

Total eligible project EURO 4,717,915.25 of which:

EURO 4,001,735.71 - amount reimbursable European Regional Development Fund , representing 84.82 %

448,310.9 EURO - co-financing from the national budget of Romania, representing 13 %

165,018.09 EURO - co-financing from the national budget of Bulgaria, representing 13 %

75178.29 EURO - own contribution , representing 2.18%

27672.26 EURO - the contribution of the Bulgarian partner , representing 2.18%

Project Objectives:


 Setting up a monitoring system , alarm and decision support for emergency situations generated by hydro-meteorological events and water pollution in the region Romania -Bulgaria border


- Establish an effective alarm system by purchasing and installing sirens in 17 villages in Giurgiu , which will be triggered by the monitoring and decision

- Generate flood risk maps based on field data (GIS ) and by the change in potential risk factors ( forecasts ) in the border region Giurgiu -Ruse , in accordance with Directive 2007/60/EC

- Improve the capacity of intervention and rescue by purchasing specific equipment ( boats , vehicles etc . )

- Providing access to updated information in real time and easy way for all RO and BG authorities concerned and the general public via a web portal bilingual

- Development of joint information and training on effective management of emergency situations


Target groups :

- Residents of the District of Ruse and Giurgiu approx. 551 000 people - in the eligible regions of the interventions provided in the priority axis 2, which are or may be affected by the consequences and damage caused by hydro-meteorological events .
- Institutions that operate in Romania and Bulgaria and are responsible for managing , monitoring and prevention of emergency situations : public administrations, civil protection departments Ruse and Giurgiu , police departments and Giurgiu Ruse , Ruse Fire Department and Giurgiu , emergency services in Ruse and Giurgiu Agency for exploration and Maintenance of the Danube , environmental agencies
- Economic operators registered and / or acting in the border region Ruse - Giurgiu
- The public and local media (Ruse and Giurgiu ) , national and international media
- Other authorities involved in emergency management : relief institutions , government institutions, local and national agencies , hospitals
- Special categories of target audience : business organizations , insurance companies, international humanitarian organizations , NGOs , church , educational institutions


The main activities of the project:

- Launching

- Public Procurement

- Information and publicity

- Output and Alarm Management System Disaster ( SMAD ) consisting of equipment procurement , installation works sirens, the GIS

- Acquisition of specific equipment and supplies

- Romanian-Bulgarian joint activities : conferences, seminars, training , specific exercises , study visit

- Closure of project




1 SMAD - Monitoring and alarm system for disasters made ​​:

- Hardware: 16 servers, two routers
- Commercial Software 46 licenses (server , GIS , desktop )

-17 Electronic sirens

- user training

IT 2.Equipment purchased :

-25 Printers, 30 computers, five laptops

3.Portal for public information made

April . Specific equipment purchased :

-1 Center for Mobile pt . analysis, monitoring and coordination of emergency response to

-1 Rivers boat with a flat bottom and air propulsion and propeller

- 9 wet suits for diving

- 1 truck intervention with rescue mode

- One motorized pump

- One generator ,

- 1 car snow four seasons

- Diving equipment Water

- One boat river

May . Press conferences

-2 Press conference to launch the project - one in Giurgiu and Ruse 1
Project closing conference -2 - 1 in Giurgiu and Ruse 1

June . Publications

-500 Brochure " Flooding and water pollution prevention in the Giurgiu-Ruse border " - Romanian and Bulgarian version
-3000 Brochure " How to act in case of disasters " version Romanian and Bulgarian

-8000 Flyers
-5 Indoor banners
-4 Releases
Articles -4 advertising
-2 Release announcements published and the final press conference
- stickers for equipment and supplies

July . Seminar - " Exchange of experience in fighting disasters caused by water in the border area Giurgiu - Ruse "

8.Vizita study in Craiova

September . Training " emergencies - floods and water pollution "

11 . Conference " Common Actions for management of hydro-meteorological events and water pollution on the Danube "

Common 12.Exercitii specific equipment

13 . Conference " Exchange of experience - civil defense disaster caused by water '

14 . Audit reports









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