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The elective curriculum NATURAL DISASTERS is addressed to children that are in the preschool establishment and can be applied at the level of multiple other curricular segments (mathematics and science, human and society).

the components of this syllabus abides the age particularities of the children and aim at:

  • the familiarization at an individual or collective of disasters
  • understanding the way in which different components of nature interact with each other, while forming a whole, equilibrated and fragile under human interference.
  • developing personality and social skills of children particularly for adopting a responsible behaviour towards themselves and their peers.

Main characteristics of the local environment which are relevant in the educational process (according to the hazard report on the territory of Romania, which was elaborated by Mercury Research) are the following:

  • acknowledging the fact that there is no prevention tradition and education for disasters and community resilience, pre-disaster strategies represent a significant investment which need to be supported
  • on the Romanian territory occur multiple types of natural and technological hazards which result from the interaction between the natural, demographic and social factors and manmade structures (constructions, highways, railway systems) which when paired up with extreme events become more complex and harder to keep under control.
  • the lack of a fixed legislation in the first half of the transitioning period has determine a decline in environmental conditions through the uncontrolled deforestation, destruction of forests and irrigation systems from the lowland, an exasperation of the impact of natural disasters on society. 

The interviews conducted during field research showed , according to the same sources , that for children the notions of disaster and emergency situation do not mean much to them and do not bring immediate connections, which most often are incorrect in their minds .















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