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Consequences of crisis situations

1/8/2014 5:59 PM



The emergency situation is a case of an unusual event, with a non-military disposition, which threatens with its ampleness and intensity the life and health of the population, the environment and the material and cultural goods.  In order to restore the natural state of things there is the need of implementing measures and urgent actions, and assigning additional resources and unitary management of forces and implicated means. 

The responsibility of citizens in emergency situations, according to Law no. 481/2004, amended by Law no. 212/2006:

a) to abide and apply the norms of civil safety established by central and local public administration authorities, as well as leaders of public institutions, operators or non-governmental organizations, as appropriate;

b) to carry out the civil safety measures required, under the law, by the competent authorities or personnel in charge with the exercise of public authority in public emergency services;

c) inform the experienced authorities and emergency services, by any means, including by telephone, by calling 112, about the occurrence of any impending emergencies that they know;

d) to inform the police or emergency expert services, accordingly, including by phone, by calling 112, off the discovery of munitions or unexploded ammunition items;

e) to participate in the training of civil safety at the place where they activate;

f) to participate in preserving the shelters in the personal estate buildings and in case of a necessity, to help with the setting up of a shelter on the surrounding terrain;

g) to secure their individual means of protection, dressing case, supply of food and water, and other materials necessary for the protection of their families;

h) to allow, in situations of civil safety, the access of intervention forces inside buildings or on the private estate;

i) to allow the installation of alarming systems on private property or buildings belonging to housing associations or owners, accordingly, free of charge, and also permitting the access of authorized persons, in order to help them;

j) to accept and carry out the evacuation from affected areas or threatened by disasters, according to the measures laid out and communicated by the empowered authorities;

k) to request the service of the civil safety authorities, in statutory cases.

Meeting the obligations mentioned above also falls on, according to the situation where there are foreign citizens that have activities, have a residence or are in transit, accordingly, on the territory of Romania. The citizens declared unable to work for medical reasons are exempt, during the intervention in support of civil defence forces, offering of services or participation in executing works, evacuating goods and other objects, involving physical hard work. The universal rules to be followed in case of an emergency:

  • Learn the warning signals sent through the notification and alarming system of your town;
  • Keep calm;
  • Open radios and TVs and listen to the general information issued on these stations, listen to the weather forecast, tips broadcast by empowered authorities;
  • Use the phone only to announce (signal) local authorities of important events such as fires, floods, landslides, major accidents, snow, etc.
  • Have on hand, in the house or around, a  enough supplies to help you survive for a few days;
  • If you are at home, these supplies will help you stay alive without much difficulty in the danger phase;
  • If you are evicted and have to travel to other villages, you need to take with you your papers, money, clothes and food;

The most important items you need to keep near at hand:

1. water (preferably stored in plastic bottles or cans);

2. food (canned or sealed in packages);

3. medicine needed for family members and especially a first aid kit;

4. bedspreads, sleeping bags, candles, flashlights, portable radio receiver;











Where are displayed information about weather events?Where are displayed information about weather events?<div class="ExternalClass65866DF21CCA40B585F5B37FC3C0F14F"><p>The information is displayed in the "Warnings".​<br></p></div>






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