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1/8/2014 7:59 PM


Up until the year 2004 the measures for civil protection and extinguishing fires where completed by the General Inspectorate of the Military Firefighter and Civil Defence, institutions which are under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior.

In order to adapt to the exponential growth of non-military risks, which were based on the acceleration of globalization tendencies, radical climate changes, the varying of economic activities and occurrence of disasters, the above mentioned institutions merged in December 2004 which resulted in the Romanian Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (RIES).

The basic aim of the activity deployed by RIES is aimed at streamlining the warning measures and the management of emergency situations in order to maintain under control the risks and ensure normal state of life of human communities and it is achieved through the multiple prevention activities and fire fighting interventions, extrication and SMURD first aid, rescuing people and limiting the damages produced by floods, landslides, earthquakes, epidemics, epizootics, snow-drifts, drought, support for people that are in life threatening situations, intention in technological, radiological, nuclear, biological accidents or other types of natural or anthropic disasters.

The basic aim of the activity deployed at the level of the institution was aimed towards ensuring the normal state of communities, carrying out life saving mission, defending of material goods and the environment, by streamlining the prevention measures and managing emergency situations.

At national level, along the first trimester of 2014, the professional services for emergency situations handled 77.282 emergencies, an average of 859 a day, increasing by 16% compared to the same period of the former year. The most interventions had been done in the capital and its surroundings.

In the analysed period there were 67.169 emergency medical assistance solicitations and extrications which were handled, (making up 87% of the total of interventions), 5.366 fires, 1.739 interventions for community protection, 1.245 actions of person assistance and other 1.763 emergency situations.

The mobile emergency services, resuscitation and extrication have taken action, on average, in 775 cases a day offering first aid and emergency medical assistance to a number of 64.669 adults and 6.271 children; the most interventions of this kind being generated by diverse medical ailments.

The general Inspectorate and the county related configurations have in their structure 43 operational centre and 280 operational subunits, with over 3.500 technical means of intervention.

There are close to 30.000 people from the personnel which make up 97% of the operational units and 3% of the administrative structures: educational, study and research establishments, basis, workshops and technical, logistics and repair and support warehouses.

The required personnel is provided by the specialized educational establishments: The Police Academy "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Bucharest, The Firefighting Faculty and Firefighting Under-Officer School and Civil Defence "Pavel Zăgănescu" Boldești. 

As an integrator of the National System for Management of Emergency Situations, created in 2004, IGSU coordinates the actions of the institutions involved in the management of emergency situations, also ensuring the function of a national point of contact in relation to international governmental organizations and nongovernmental organizations with responsibilities in the area.

The National Management System for Emergency Situations was created prior to the accession of Romania to the European Union and represents a network of permanent communication between the authorities and the competent structures in the management of emergency situations, established in levels and areas of competence, and which have the infrastructure and resources to reduce the loss of human lives and intervention in different types of emergencies.










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